Chair holder – Jean-Pierre Miron

The Chair holder plans, organizes, directs and supervises all activities related to the Chair, its outreach and its administration, within the framework of the mission and according to the directions approved by the steering committee.

He ensures the Chair’s direction and monitors its external representations and the quality of its relationships with its funders, partners and affiliated organizations. He negotiates and enters into collaboration and service agreements, in collaboration with the steering committee chairperson.

Director of the Office of International Development at CEGEP Marie-Victorin (CMV), Jean-Pierre Miron has more than 25 years of experience as a teacher, educational consultant and administrator of college programs that promote social inclusion and community development. Before holding this position, he was the coordinator of CMV’s Continuing Education Service. As such, he was responsible for college-level programs in prison, an environment in which he taught for many years.

Chair holder (starting in June 2020) – Geneviève Perreault

Geneviève Perreault is Deputy director of studies, responsible for teaching services and research and she will begin her tenure as Chair holder in June 2020. Sociologists by training, Perreault holds a Master and Ph.D. coursework in sociology. She also thought that discipline in college for 10 years, in regular and continuing studies as well as in prison. She is a member of the Chair’s Scientific committee since 2013 and she was the principal investigator in an exploratory studies on the state of prison education in provincial prisons in Québec and Canada (Perreault and Meilleur 2015).

She is committed to a management style that favors close connections with all actors dedicated to the Chair’s mission.

Co-chair in networking and partnerships – Véronique Béguet

Co-chair in research – Frédérick Armstrong