Steering Committee

The steering committee is the Chair’s authority on strategic direction, validation and arbitration.

Its role is to:

  • ensure, with the Chair holder, the Chair’s representation within UNESCO;- adopt the Chair’s charter;
  • approve the action plan, working lines and annual reports;
  • ensure the sound financial management of the Chair;
  • guarantee compliance with the agreement signed between UNESCO and CEGEP Marie-Victorin;
  • contribute to the Chair’s influence.

The committee meets when convened by its chairperson, at least twice a year: one meeting is spent planning the year to come while the other is spent reviewing the report on the previous year.

Committee members have a renewable three-year mandate.

Steering Committee Chairperson – Nicole Rouillier

Acting as general director, the chairperson, in conjunction with the other members, assumes all Steering Committee responsibilities and must:

  • act as the link between the Chair and CEGEP Marie-Victorin’s governance;
  • represent the Chair in the political arena;
  • lead committee meetings and maintain regular contact with the Chair holder in order to immediately receive information about any extraordinary situation requiring a special committee meeting.

The Steering Committee members are: